Book-The Hannays of Sorbie

The Will of William Hannay of Grennan

The following material was an appendix in editions 1-3 of The Hannays of Sorbie. In the process of editing the new 4th Edition (release date to be announced), this section was removed from the upcoming book. As we still wish to maintain the source material for research purposes, however, we are posting it here.

The will of William Hannay of Grennan (died 1573; see Chapter XII: The Hannays of Grennan) as transcribed by Stewart Francis in earlier editions:

“The Testament dative and inventar of the guides geir soumes of money and fettis pertaining to unquihile Williame Hannay in Gren[FL1] nane within the Parochin of Glenluce in Galloway the tyme of his decies quha decsit in the moneth of July the year of God jm V c Lxxiij yearis. fatthfullie maid and given up by himself as concerning the nomination dettis awin to him and dettis awand be him and partlie maid and given up be Marion McBryde his relict Hew Marjorie and Katherine Hannay is his lauchfull barne ownlie now on lyf as concerning the inventar of his guides and gier quhome he nominat his executoris in his lattir will underwritten of the date the secondday of July the yeir of god foirsaid befoir thir witness is Alexander McBryd in Ballmurry Andro Hannay Patrik Hannay Gilbert Hannay in Drygowis Andro Hannay his sone and Dene John Sanderis vivcar of Glenluce with untheris divers.

In primis the said umquhile Williame Hannay had the guides geir soumes of money and dettis of the avale and prices eftir following pertening to him the tyme of his deceis foirsaid viz. tuentie nyny ky price of the pece ourhied Vii summa j c xlv Li

·        Item viij quoyis of thrie yeir auldis price of the pece iij li. summa xxiiij li.

·        Item viij quoy beistis of tua yeir auldis price of the pece ourhied xl s summa xvj li.

·        Item ten stirkis of ane yeir auldis price of the pece xx s. summa x li.

·        Item xiij auld oxin price of the pece ourhied vj li summa xxviij li.

·        Item with Gilbert Hannay in Dygowis tua oxin price of the pece vj li summa xij li.

·        Item foure stottis of thrie yeir auldis price of the pece xi s summa viij li. Item ellevin scoir of auld schepe price of the pece ourhied xvjs. summa j c Lxxxj li .

·        Item Lx lambes price of the pece vj s. viij d. summa xx li.

·        Item fyve hon, price of the pece ourheid x merkis summa L merkis.

·        Item viij meris price of the pece v li summa xi li.

·        Item tua staigis of tua yeir auldis price of the pece Ls. summa v li.

·        Item thrie staigia of ane yeir auldis price of the pece xxxiij s. iiij d. summa v li

·        Item sawin on the grund ane boll bier estimat to the ferd corne extending to iiij bollis beir price of the boll with the fodder iiij merkis summa xvj markis.

·        Item xlv bollis aitt is sew in estimat to the third corne ex tending to vj xv bollis aittis price of the boll with the fodder ijJ merkis summa i c lxxx li.

·        Item in utencilis and domicilis with the abulzementis of his body estimat to sextene poundis. summa of the inventa vij c Lxxxxj li

Followis the debts awand to the deid

·        Item ther was awand to the said umquhile William Hannay be Gildert McCoull in Barlokkart tua hundreth merkis

·        Item awand be Alexander MaKilroy in Glenchymmar thrie schepe of fyve yeir auldis price of the pece xvj s summa xlviij s. Item be John McBryd fyve merkis Item awand be Marion Kennedy in areiss vj li x s wherof the defunct ordainis thrie pund to be given to John Hannay in Lochranald to releeve him of caution swa restis awand to him be hir de clara iij li x s.

·        Item awand be Alexander McKie in Martoun for the price of ane broun hors xvi j li Item awand be Gilbert Hannay bruther to the defunct fortie griet groittis in lent money price of the pece xviij d summa iij li. summa of the dettis awand to the deid j c.Lxi j li. xjj s. iiij d. summa of the inventar with the dettis ix c. Liij li xj s. ii i j d.

Followis the dettis awand be the deid

·        Item ther was. awand be the said umquhile William Hannay to the laird of Barnebarrocht for coft aittis xxvj merkis

·        Item mair to the said laird of the rest of ane greter soum xx merkis

·        Item to Andro McCulvie for come xx li Item to Sir Harbert Andersoun vj li. vj s. viij d.

·        Item to Alexander McBryd in Balmurry iij li Item to William Carstane in Cluquhane for thrie yeiris nultar bipast vj hollis aittis price of the boll ourheid xxx s. summa ix li.

·        Item to Archibald Kennedy iii li for the Whitsunday male Item to the abbay of Glenluce for six hollis teind meill of Grenane of the crop in anno 1572 yeiris xi j li.

·        Item to the said abbay for tua hollis teind meill of Glenchymmer of the same crop iiij li. Item to James Hannay xxxv li.

·        Item to John Hannay his bruthir x merkis Item to Gilbert Stevin in Custreauch iijj li xs. for tua hollis aittis coft Item to Michaell Makilroy in Arebig xxxv s for ane boll of corne Item to my lord of Cassilis of stent silver upon the Cheinis vj li

·        Item to Margaret Storie Johne McCulvie wyf vj li. Item to for mawing of the medow xxxv s ltetm to John McCairdy for his fie xxiij s. iiij d.

·        Item to Marion Aschellane and Malie McMurries xiij s. i iij d.

·        Item to Gilbert Aschellane bird of fie vj s viij d. Item to Fergus McKie restand of ane ox price xxxvjs viij d.

·        Item to Archibald Kennedy for mertymes male of Grenene in anno 1573 viij li

·        Item to the place of Glenluce for teind me ill in anno aforesaid vj hollis tiend meill price theof xi j li.

·        Item to Niniane Carsane myllar for multour tua hollis aittis price iiij merkis

As to the abbottis dettis awand be Johne McDonald in areis the said John at his lattir will commandit the laird of Gartland and Johns wyf to releve me of all thir dettis conforme to thir promeis Summa of the dettis awand be the deid j c lxxv li vj s viij d; Restis of frie geir and dettis deductit vij c lxxviij li iiij s viij d. to be devidit in thrie partis the deidis part is ij c lix li viij s ij d Quairy the quot is componit for viii ji li Followis the deidis legacie and lattir will, Upon the secund day of July the yeir of god j m cv lxxiij veris the quahilk day the said William Hannay in Grenane being seik in body and haill in mynd maid his lattir will and legacie as follows vic Imprimis I leve all my titill rychts and kyndness of all my takkis and stedingis to Hew Hannay my sone quha failzeing to my dochters successive thay being mfiriet upoun anne Hannay

·        Item to Gilbert Hannay my bruther ten pund or ane naig worth ten pund

·        Item to George Hannay ane bruon naig in his ane hand To Margaret Hannay fyve merkis in hir husbands hand To Jonet Hannay Fynlay Hannay dochter tua pectis mele yeirlil.! for six yeirs to cum to Williame Myllar in Lochrannell thrie pectis aittis for all biganes or thrie pundes money to the vicares tua wadderis

·        Item ordainis my wyf to hald Johne Hannay James Hannay brother with myn awne barnes quhill they cum to perfyt age and depe the ten merkis in the mene tyme and theirafter deliver him the said x merkis

To George McColme wyf and hir sister ane hors and ane ox in their awne handis And George McColme to tak his chois To Alexander Hannay of Sorbie my best gray hors for maintanance and defending of my barnes Sen nothing is mair certaine nor the deid and na thing mair uncertane nor the hour of deid quairfor I William Hannay seik in body Haill in my mind and spirit makis my testament and lattir will in maner following:

First randir and committis my saule to almychtie god my creatour to abyd with all the blissit cumpany in hevin and ordainis my body to be buriet in St Michaellis Kirk in Glenluce and ordainis constitutis and creattis my executour Marion McBryde my spous and all my barnes above written and intromittoris with all my guides and geir and ordainis Alexander Hannay of Sorbie overman and defender of my wyf and barnes and ordainis my wyf and barnes to remane togidder in all my roumes induring her widoheid and grif scho maries with advys of the said laird of Sorbie scho to remane in lykmanner in roumes with my barnes to thir perfyt age Failzeing therof the roumes to be left to the barnes and that they use the councill of the said overman.

This present testament wes maid in the said William duelling place in Grenane before me Sir Johne Sanderis vicar of Glenluce day year and moneth abovewritten befior thir witnesses Alexander McBryd in Balmurry Andro Hannay Patrick Hannay Gilbert Hannay in Dargowis and Andro Hannay his sone with divers others.

Sic subscribitur Ita est Dominus Joannes Sanderis Vallislucis vicarius ac minister manu propria.

We Messers Edward Henrysoun doctor in the vis Alexander Sym and Johne Prestoun advocattis commissaris of Edinburgh speciale constituit for confirming of testamentis be the tennour herof satisfies approvis and confirms this present testament in sa far as the samin is duelie and lachfullie maid of the guidis and geir above specificet alanerlie and gives and committis the intromission with the samin to the said Marion McBryd relict Hew Marjorie and Katherine Hannay is the only baimes now on lyf to the said umquhile William Hannay and executouris testamentaris to him Reservand compt to be maid be thame therof as accordis of the law and the said executoris being suoune haif maid fayth truelie to exerce the said office and haif fundin caution that the guides and geir abovewritten sal be furthcumand to al parteis havand interes as law will as ane act maid therupon beris.”