Tickets to 2019 Gathering now available

Tickets to the 2019 Gathering in Galloway, Scotland, are now available for sale online. NOTE that you must be logged in as a member of the Clan Hannay Society in order to access this order page:

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  1. JohnBassett-872
    JohnBassett-872 says:

    I found the new website quite good to use and got my tickets to the 2019 gathering quite well except that it added purchase of the calendar (by default? ) at £10 plus £2 postage. The calendar will not be ready yet and it would be better if I purchased a copy at the Gathering so I deleted it from the cart.
    I found the log out button only on this page.
    John Bassett.

    • Frank Lawler
      Frank Lawler says:

      Hello John,
      I just checked our product list, and the calendar is currently listed as “out of stock” and doesn’t show up on the catalog page. Did you begin and/or complete an order for a calendar last year when the 2019 calendars were still on sale? To hazard a guess as to how you ended up with one in your shopping cart, I think it may have been left over from when they were still available. The shopping cart will continue to hold items even after you log off, and I gather that’s true even if those products are no longer available.

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