Preparing for the 2013 Gathering

Clan council members from England and the USA visited Clan Convenor Steve Hanna as he prepares the grounds of Sorbie for the 2013 gathering.

Council member Peter Balderstone and webmaster Frank Lawler visited Sorbie Tower the day before the 2013 Gathering and encountered our Convenor Steve Hanna stringing up the banners and flags in preparation for the arrival of Clan members.

Just as we arrived, a couple of visitors were leaving, having wandered in from exploring the countryside. Stephen had given them an impromptu tour of the grounds and tower.  They were not Hann(a/ah/ey)s, but they had seen the Historic Scotland signposts and had been curious.  The visitors were very grateful for the Convenor’s guided visit, and were quite impressed with the site; they very kindly left a donation to the preservation fund. Such chance meetings are great opportunities to spread the word about the Society and the Tower!

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