Sorbie Stories

Submit your own Sorbie Story!

We are looking for stories that are:

  • about 350-500 words*
  • a topic shared among members of your family
  • relevant to the Clan and clan lore.
  • true, as far as you know.
  • engaging, e.g., funny, touching, impressive, tragic, full of character.
  • not controversial, critical, or scandalous in a way that might cause any living member of the Clan discomfort.
  • accompanied by at least one image of the person or event, if at all possible, or some other visual element.
  • written by you, and to which you “own” the rights; not borrowed from another source. (If you do some research, that’s fine—even encouraged—but significant sources need to be mentioned or cited.)

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How to submit

Submit by emailing your story to Adam ( with two items in the subject line:

1) “Clan Stories”

2) The subject of the story

The text itself, which can be attached or pasted into the email, must contain:

  • The name of the person who will be listed as the author. If you wish to remain anonymous, let us know.
  • A telephone number to reach you if we have any burning questions.
  • If you wish, a brief, approximately one-sentence bio of the author. This may or may not be included in the published document.
  • Attached visual elements. We would appreciate your keeping total attachments to 3 MB or less.

Things you need to know

Your submission is your certification that you own the rights to this story and all its elements, i.e., because you wrote it, and—importantly—that you have checked that no one will be upset you made the tale known.

By submitting, you also agree that the story may be edited for space or content by us before publishing. However, we will send you a ready-to-post copy for approval before we do so.

There is no guarantee that every submission will be published, or published quickly; we’ll do our best. (Also, just to be clear, there is no monetary compensation available for these articles.)

Please feel free to write with any questions you might have. There is no deadline; we can accept stories whenever they come in.

* We can waive this maximum length for the most engaging material.

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