Sorbie Stories

Welcome to Sorbie Stories, retellings of family lore that your own people like to tell at dinner tables, extended family gatherings, and around campfires. These stories, as opposed to others on the site, are submitted by family members themselves, capturing the people, places, objects, and other topics that add color to Clan Hanna/y/ey/h history. Gather round, friends, and hear the tale of…

A Symbol of Love?: My Personal Registration of Arms

have always been impressed by how egalitarian our Clan is. Hannay, Hanney, Hanna whatever… we have branches across the world and share a common bond, a kinship no matter how […]

Sticking to his Guns: Harry James Hanney, Jr.

his is the story of my great grandfather, Harry James Hanney, Jr. A man whose life, like those of many of his contemporaries, was one dedicated to family, but colored […]

Submit your own Sorbie Story!

Certainly many members of the family have stories to tell of a crazy great-uncle, visionary grandparent, or accomplished sibling, or maybe a lost brooch, a tragic flood, a pub where family history was made. Stories might characterize a person with several examples, or simply be anecdotes about a single experience that deserves to be savored or remembered.

The more the story ties in with existing Clan lore, or exhibits “Hannay” qualities that family members like to think are shared across the family tree, the better. The piece can also concern a significant place, object, or any other relevant topic, and can be centered anywhere in the Hanna/y/ey/h world.

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