Origins of the Society

Much of the credit for  founding  the Clan Hannay Society goes to Pat Hanna, film star and impresario of Melbourne, Australia. It was his enthusiasm and his untiring efforts which brought consciousness to the clan.

In October of 1959 Pat Hanna met another enthusiast in London, John Hannay, Deputy Mayor of Chelsea. From this meeting the society was born. Pat Hanna then contacted Alex. Hannah, FCII of Inverness, and Donald C. Hannah, FRICS of Edinburgh where exploratory meetings were held in the latter’s home on March 8, 1960 and also at the home of Mrs. Bell at Sorbie on June 28, 1960. As a consequence of these meetings it was decided to form the society. A world-wide council was formed with John Hannay as Convener, Alex. Hannah as Secretary and Donald Hannah as Treasurer.

The first general meeting of the society was held on May 18, 1962 at the Commonwealth Club, London. On September 8, 1962 the society took part in a garden party organized by the Council of Scottish Clan Societies at Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh. There a number of interesting clan heirlooms were displayed in the clan tent and about a dozen members of the clan attended.

Each year since then a gathering of our clan has been held at Sorbie Tower, with council meetings at first in Edinburgh and more recently in Lockerbie. There have twice been meetings in Northern Irleand, where there are many with the name Hanna.


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