Kilkeel Gathering – Mourne Observer

The Mourne Observer followed up on their previous month’s preview article with this report on the Hanna(y) trip to Kilkeel!

Visitors from around the world enjoy exploring the past during trip to Kilkeel

By Julie Mclaughlin (julie @

KILKEEL warmly welcomed a group of international visitors last week. Hosted by the Clan Hannay Society, there were two days of special events that anyone with the surnames Hannay, Hannah, Hanna or Hanney was welcome to attend. Local people had the chance to catch up with distant relatives and make new friends at the gathering, last Monday and Tuesday (29 and 30 May)…

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Clan Hannay genealogist Dr Keith Hanna (centre) with clan member and tour guide Maynard Hanna and Heritage project officer Laura Johnston