Membership Policy for Surname Variations

  • Surnames; Hannay, Hannah, Hanna or Hanney Membership of the Society is open to all those with the surname, Hannay, Hannah, Hanna or Hanney; their families, descendants and relatives by marriage.Marriage is defined as a legal union between couples of any gender.
  • Surname acquired by adoption Adoption by legal procedure, receiving the surname of Hannay, Hannah, Hanna or Hanney, entitles eligibility for membership of the Society.

Similar surnames; Hannahs, Hannan and others

Similar surnames ie; Hannahs, Hannan and others, are not eligible for membership of the Society.  The inclusion of non-eligible surnames would create confusion and an unsustainable situation with no clear boundaries.

If an ancestor had the name of Hannay, Hannah, Hanna or Hanney, and this can be verified, then membership will be welcomed.