Ulster Scots Clan Dinner and Town Hall Meeting

The Clan Hannay Society is pleased to announce that we are hosting our first Ulster Scots themed Clan Dinner and Town Hall Meeting in the north of Ireland for 25 years and we cordially invite everyone from across Ireland with the surname Hanna, Hannah, Hannay or Hanney and their ilk to attend.

Cultural entertainment on the evening at the newly refurbished Kilmorey Arms Hotel will be provided by the Schomberg Society who are based in Kilkeel, Co. Down and are a very active Ulster Scots society. This event will coincide with a Scotch-Irish Tour for Scottish descent folks from mainland Britain and overseas who will be attending as part of a two day educational tour.

Many of the Clan Hannay Council will be attending and this is therefore a unique opportunity to meet with kinspeople with a shared historical and genetic connection and to find out more about one of the most active Scottish Clan societies. We will use this opportunity to have an American style “Town Hall Meeting” for the Clan leadership to present where the Clan Hannay Society is after over 50 years of existence and the future direction at both Sorbie Tower, our ancestral home, and with our sister Societies around the world. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and share with Hannas, Hannahs, Hanneys and Hannays from across the British Isles and beyond as well as a time for an open Q&A session with the Clan Leadership and to meet with the Clan Historian and Clan Genealogist. Many of the original founders of the Clan Hannay Society from Northern Ireland have sadly passed away but we think this event will offer a chance to discuss future directions and to see if there is interest in rekindling local Clan Hanna activities in Ulster and across Ireland. Please do attend if you can both the Town Hall Meeting and Clan Dinner and do invite all of your kith and kin who can make it.

For more information and for any questions, please contact Keith Hanna