Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See our dedicated Visiting The Tower FAQ page.

Some Gathering events are only open to Members and Accompanying Guests.

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is for discussing Clan business, and therefore specifically for Clan members and their guests.
  • The Dinner Dance is a social gathering held for Clan members.  Entry to both of these events is a benefit of membership.
  • We welcome non-members and local people to the events held at Sorbie Tower: the Clan Gathering and Piping in the Colours on the Saturday, and the Picnic / Clan Games on the Sunday.

Why not join the Clan Hannay Society to experience the entire Gathering?  We would be delighted to welcome you as a member.

Visit our contact page.

You can donate to the Sorbie Tower Charity or the Clan Hannay Society to help us buy tools and supplies for maintaining the tower and grounds!

The Clan Hannay online shop!  By purchasing through, you will be supporting the work of Clan Hannay Society, including the restoration and maintenance of Sorbie Tower!

Yes! For more information, email the USA convenor, Alberta Blum. Members of the American branch are very active on the Clan Hannay Facebook forum, and they also have their own Clan Hannay USA Branch Facebook Group.

Crests belong to entire families. The Hannay crest is described as a cross-crosslet above a crescent.

Here is our Hannay crest surrounded by a belt with our motto:

The belt represents how we are all united under our chief.

A coat of arms is specific to a person or an organization.  You have likely seen this one:

This is the crest that belongs to the chief of the Clan Hannay. Technically, no one except the current chief should use it.  It’s like a signature. It basically means “I’m Professor David Hannay of Kirkdale and that Ilk.” When Chief David’s father was alive, it meant “I’m Major Ramsay Hannay of Kirkdale and that Ilk.”

Another one you may have seen is this one:

This is the official coat of arms of the Clan Hannay Society. Any member of the Society can make use of it.

You may have also seen other variations; these in all likelihood belong to the head of a branch of the Hannay family, or in some cases, to an individual during his/her lifetime. Here’s an article that goes into detail about crests and coats of arms from the perspective of a clan member who registered his own coat of arms.