Hannay DNA project

A DNA project for people whose surname is potentially derived from Hannay is open to participants. Y-DNA, which exists only in men, allows a man to follow his connection to all other men up to a chromosomal “Adam” thought to have existed about 200,000 years ago. The project focuses on the Y-DNA of men with Hannay related surnames, such as Hannah, Hanna and Hanney.

To join the project, you can go to the project website and click on order test on the top menu. Most of the time, the price within a project is discounted. There are times when coupons and holiday discounts are available. We recommend no less than the 37 marker male line testing. You are certainly welcome to take other tests, however, those are usually not productive for finding your connections to other Hannays through this project, but may help you connect to other relatives with Hannay related surnames with other tools.

In the project, one DNA line has the most samples and appears to have been using a derivative of Hannay the longest. A recent analysis of ancient DNA from Scotland indicates that line started in Neolithic Britain, and likely came to Galloway about 900 CE from either Northern Ireland or the Scottish Isles. There is some possibility that those first named Hannays were of Brythonic/Pictish original. Other lines appearing to begin use of the surname more recently include one line with relatively recent matches to Scandanavian ancestors, perhaps Vikings, while others appear to be more likely to be of Irish, Brythonic or Anglo Saxon origins.

Jett Hanna is happy to talk to you about DNA studies where ever you have tested if you are a clan member, and receives no compensation for doing so. Jett is a member of Clan Hannay, but the DNA study is not administered or endorsed by the Clan.

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