Flodden Field Commemoration Service

We recently received the following letter from the Clan Hunter Association regarding the upcoming Memorial Service for Flodden Field:

Dear Sir

My name is William P. Hunter Esq. I am a Council Member and Publicity Officer for the Clan Hunter Association UK.

In September 2000, The Clan Hunter held its first commemoration service with regard to the battle of Flodden Field. The service is conducted by the Minister of Branxton Church and with wreaths being laid at the memorial. It is intended that this should become an annual event. To this end the Association is keen to involve as many Clans and families as who would wish to become involved. Many of us stay at a local hotel for a night of gossip and piping. Our Association is eager to foster greater communication with other Clans and Families particularly in the Lowlands and Borders. Our Clan Chief Madame Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk will head the Hunter Association.

Last year Major Ramsay Hannay attended the service and we extend an invitation to all members of your Clan to attend this years event.

I can be contacted at whunter155@aol.com. Our Web address is www.clan-hunter-uk.co.uk where you can learn more about us.

Yours aye,
Bill Hunter

Flodden – Sep 8, 2001 – 4:00pm
Branxton Hill

A commemoration service for the brave of two nations will be offered at the cenotaph.

Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk Clan Chief & 30th Laird will lay a wreath on behalf of Clan Hunter to the memory of John Huntar of Huntarston the 14th Laird and his convocation of Leigemen, who lost their lives on the 9th of September, 1513.

At 4:15pm there will be a 2 minute silence, followed by Flours O The Forest

The service will be read by the Reverend Martin Gillham of St.Paul’s, Branxton.

Madam Hunter welcomes friends of Clan Hunter to join us.

Map of Branxton and Area, including link to driving directions.

For more info, please email Bill Hunter

Adapted  from the  Clan Hunter Website
Upcoming Events Page.