Darryl Hannah

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Darryl Hannah was born December 3rd 1960 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, daughter of Donald Christian Hannah (1933) and Susan Metzger.

As an actor Darryl has starred in several movies, including Blade Runner (1982), Mermaid (1984), Kill Bill (2004) and the Netflix Series Sense8 (2016).

Darryl’s great, great grandfather, John Hannah, was born in Scotland 1837. His son James Hannah (1865) was also born in Scotland.

Both John and James emigrated to the USA between 1865 and 1890, ultimately settling in Chicago, Illinois, USA, where he had a son James A Hannah (1893-1985).

Darryl’s grandfather James A Hannah founded the tug and barge firm Hannah Marine in Lemont Illinois, USA.

Is John Hannah (1837) related to the Sorbie Hannays ?


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  1. John B Hannah
    John B Hannah says:

    My line of Hannah family came to America from Scotland in the 17th century, from a long line of Alexander Hannah’s
    Passed down the name Alexander to every generation to this date.
    I believe Darrell Hannah and family are from Scotland. She has the facial features that looks like any of the Hannah’s in our American ancestry I have met or have seen photos of.

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