Clan Store Policies and Purpose

Posted by admin on January 24, 2013

Clan goods as listed in the newsletter are intended as a service to members of the Clan Hannay Society,  although we try to help visitors to the annual gathering who are not members, providing goods are in stock.

The reality is that there has never been a shop as such.  Clan goods have either been sold as a volunteer effort directly by the Keeper of the Tartan or, for a brief time, as a small adjunct to another shop in Garlieston (now closed). We have always viewed it as a service to clan members, but have never refused someone who visited us, although have encouraged them to become clan members.
Access to clan goods at discounted prices was always intended as a service to members, hence the advertisement in the newsletter to members. The growth of the internet and social networking sites may well have overtaken this, and there are an increasing number of opportunities to buy other clan goods over the internet from other providers. Unfortunately, at the moment the Clan Society doesn’t have the resources to set up a true internet shopping organisation with sufficient stock and personnel to meet potential demand.  In 2013, we will be reviewing our clan goods policies.
David Hannay (Chief) and Frank Lawler (Internet Committee)
Update: The Clan Hannay Society now has a special arrangement with SCOTCLANS to provide a wide selection of Clan goods — much wider than was available in the past directly through the Clan. Here are some of the new benefits:
  • SPECIAL CLAN DISCOUNT! When you shop through Scotclans, make sure you use the voucher code HANNAY14 at checkout time: 
  • OPEN TO NON-MEMBERS! SCOTCLANS items are available to non-members, as is the HANNAY14 discount code!

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