Clan Hannay Society West USA Archives

We were in touch last year with Gigi Hanna, from the now-dormant Clan Hannay Society West USA.  She gave her blessing for us to post archived articles from their old website, which has been offline for four or five years now.

The Clan Hannay Society West USA encompassed, in their own words,

the majority of the western United States. The main areas that [were] active [were] those chapters in the states of Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. 

Much of the information within their site was:

from the archives of the first convener and organizer of the Clan Hannay Society West,
Theodore “Ted” A. Hanna (1933-1992). The archive of information, articles, pictures, etc. was gathered from many sources including the Clan Hannay Society in Scotland and other chapters of the Clan Hannay Society, USA.

There was a caveat that:

Since there is no definitive recognized source for dates, spellings, historical facts, or just plain lore, a reader may find conflicting information from page to page.

which also applies most definitely to our own website, ! We will try our best, however.

And so please expect articles from this archive to appear periodically as postings our site as we convert them from their old format.

Frank Lawler,
Clan Council