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The day I fell in love with Sorbie Tower

My name is Louise Julia Hannah, and I have always been interested in my own family history.  My Granda Sam (Hannah) used to tell me stories about when we was growing up in Port Glasgow in Scotland all about his time in the Merchant Navy and the shipyards. It always made me think of all the other ancestors I had.

One day last term in school I was in primary 5. There was an article on Children’s BBC Newsround about family trees. I then researched a BBC article online with my Mum. We read about Clan Hannay and discovered an article about Sorbie Tower, and David Hannah, the constable of Sorbie Tower, was in it. We saw the Clan tartan and loved it. I wanted to find out more.

I then told my Mum and Dad that I wanted to visit Sorbie Tower and find out more about my family history. They agreed to take me during the September school weekend. I was very excited about my visit.

We arrived at Castlewigg Caravan park on Friday 22nd September 2023. We drove through Sorbie on the way, then back to the Tower to check where it was. The next day, Saturday, we visited the Tower.  We were very lucky to meet Steve. He was cutting the grass and said hello to us and that he’d give us a tour in ten minutes. We also met two very nice sisters who were visiting the Tower all the way from America. They were called Hanna and were very nice to us.

Steve shows my family and me around the tower

Here I am with my parents and our tour guide, Steve, who always makes Tower visits special.

Sorbie tower was an amazing experience to see centuries of our family history. It is absolutely beautiful inside and out I would definitely recommend it for a holiday. I got a fabulous tour from Steve; I would go again to see this fantastic place. It is a magical experience inside and out. It truly transports you to another world. I cannot wait to see it when it is fully renovated and I hope all Hannah, Hannay, Hanna and Hanneys can enjoy it, as well as tourists, visitors, and locals. Please help and donate to the cause of transforming the tower back to what it was.

My Dad, Mum and I are now members of Clan Hannay, and I love it.

Thank you for reading my article. Over and out, Louise Julia Hannah, age 10.