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The Clan Hannay Society is not responsible for the content for information on these sites.  Note that all these links will open in a new window or tab.

Facebook Group of the Clan Hannay Society

Official Facebook Group of the Society. Discussions, photos and event listings from Hannays, Hannas, Hannahs and Hanneys from around the world.  This group has over 1,450 members as of September, 2017.

Clan Hannay Society West

The official site of the Clan Hannay Society West (USA), with membership primarily in California, Oregon and Washington States.  Because this branch of the society has been dormant since 2007, the site is primarily of archival interest.

Clan Hanna-Hannah-Hannay Society USA

The official site ofthe Clan Hanna-Hannah-Hannay Society USA, based in the Eastern United States, but currently dormant. This site has apparently not been modified since about 2001.

Electric Scotland Article on the Clan Hannay

Basic information on the history of the family as provided by Electric Scotland, which was started in 1997 and describes itself as “The largest and most comprehensive site on the history and culture of Scotland and the Scots at home and abroad.”

Wikipedia Article on Clan Hannay

Wikipedia’s information on the Clan Hannay.  Wikipedia also has an article on Sorbie Tower.

Dumfries and Galloway Tourism

Tourism Scotland’s official website for things to do in and around Hannay country!

Scottish Festivals and Highland Games in the USA by Date

The Association of Scottish Games & Festivals is an industry group representing Scottish heritage groups across the United States.

Hannay Reels

Hannay Reels is a cable storage solutions company founded by Clifford B. Hannay of Albany, New York, in 1933.  Clifford’s ancestor Andrew Hannay migrated from Galloway, Scotland to New York in 1774 (Source:Genealogy of the Hannay Family
by William Van Derpoel Hannay).  Some information about the history of the company can be found here.

Things to Do in Hannay Country!

Wondering what to do when visiting Sorbie, Newton Stewart and the environs?  Tourism Scotland has a great set of pages about Dumfries and Galloway.