Break-In at Sorbie Tower

[Received Sept 5th, 2002 from Constable David Hannah]

Dr David Hannay  wrote on behalf of Clan Hannay to congratulate Dumfries and Galloway Police for apprehending three of the culprits who broke into the shed and damaged the very expensive information plaque on the pedestal at Sorbie Tower. Nothing appears to have been stolen, although there appears to have been some minor vandalism. The three youths, around 16 years of age have been plaguing the neighbourhood for a few years and local people are pleased that the Police caught them and extracted confessions. Sorbie, Garlieston and the surrounding area can breathe a sigh of relief.

Wendy the Warden and family cleared up the damage, discovered by Douglas the Herald during one of his ghost night tours of the Tower. The information plaque will be replaced and copies kept as a precaution against future loss.

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