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Checklist for Northern Ireland 2023

Checklist Clan Hannay events will be included in the price of the tickets, but some transportation and accommodation are not. Please review this checklist carefully to make sure you have […]

Clan Hannay Policy on Commercial Promotions

We have recently received several requests for promotion of external products and services. We also continue regularly to receive “spam” promotions masquerading as legitimate social media postings. As such, we […]

2022 Gathering: Final Report

And so the 2022 Gathering comes to an end.  Here’s one last look ’round at the Saturday event at Sorbie Tower, as well as some greetings videos from Clan members […]

2022 Gathering: Saturday Report

In the afternoon, we held our traditional procession to Sorbie Tower, to the tune of “The Hannays Return to Sorbie”, played by Clan Piper David Hanna.  See the following VR […]

2022 Gathering: Wednesday Report

As we approach the 2022 Gathering this upcoming weekend, clan councilmember Frank Lawler shares his experience getting from Seattle to Dumfries and Galloway. Thursday Report →