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Did the Hannay Surname Originate in Anwoth?

A new potential source for the Hannay surname has been noted within a medieval document. In The Hannays of Sorbie, 4th Edition (p. 5), Stewart Francis and Frank Lawler note that Robert de Veterponte gave the church and lands of Lesser Sowerby to the church in 1240. Cardoness Castle in Kirkcudbrightshire The document conveying this […]

Are The Middle Eastern and Europeans Hannas Related?

The English language Hanna surname is derived from Hannay. Stewart Francis’s The Hannays of Sorbie shows a church record indicating that a Fynlaus A’Hanna was a priest at Whithorn in 1390, a very short distance from Sorbie. He also notes a Hannay letter indicating that the family was using the name Hanna in Northern Ireland in […]

Hannay DNA project

A DNA project for people whose surname is potentially derived from Hannay is open to participants. Y-DNA, which exists only in men, allows a man to follow his connection to all other men up to a chromosomal “Adam” thought to have existed about 200,000 years ago. The project focuses on the Y-DNA of men with […]

James Hannay, Dean of St. Giles

A person’s life consists of many moments. It is not uncommon that but one moment lives on after them, if even one. In the case of Dean Hannay, what has lived on for many is an act now reviled in Scottish lore, and the reaction to that act. In this article, we will explore a […]