2008 Clan Gathering and Annual General Meeting

Originally posted by franklaw on June 1, 2008

A successful Clan Gathering was held on Saturday afternoon May 31st, when about 50 people were piped to Sorbie Tower by the new clan piper, David Hanna from Northern Ireland. In the morning there was an AGM and lunch at Garlieston Village Hall and in the evening a dinner with ceilidh/dance in Newton Stewart. At the AGM, amongst other matters, the following two items were agreed:

1) After consideration by the Clan Council, it was decided that the arrangements agreed in 2002; whereby overseas branch members paid one third of annual fees to the main society (and so became full members of the main society) would cease. This was because, with some exceptions, this had not happened.

Instead, it was agreed to offer life membership to all annual members, allowing for fees already paid (whether to a branch or main society ) on a pro-rata basis. Annual membership would still be available, but only by direct debit. The newsletter is currently sent to 527 members of whom 92 are annual members. Of these, less than half have kept their subscriptions up to date, but still receive the newsletter. Annual members will be written to during the next few weeks about this.

2) Next year there is an International Clan Gathering in Edinburgh on July 25th & 26th, with a Highland Games in Holyrood Park, and on Saturday a parade up the Royal Mile to a pageant at the Castle. It was therefore decided to have the clan AGM and dinner in Edinburgh on Friday evening July 24th, before the international gathering , rather than have a gathering at Sorbie at the end of May.

Clan Hannay society have already booked a tent for the highland games and some passports for the parade and pageant. Passport tickets have recently gone on sale and may be sold out soon. Details can be found at http://www.homecomingscotland.com

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