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Founded in 1960, the Clan Hannay Society is dedicated to global fellowship and friendship of all those bearing or descended from the family names Hannay, Hannah, Hanna or Hanney.

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Restoration Project

Help us rebuild Sorbie Tower! Please leave your messages of support (whether you are donating or not) in our restoration appeal on-line Book.

Meet the Chief

Dr. David R. Hannay, Chief of Clan Hannay of Kirkdale and That Ilk, trained at Cambridge University and St. George’s Hospital in London. He taught at the University of Glasgow and was Professor of General Practice in Sheffield before returning to Galloway as a partner in a local practice and Director of a Regional Research Network. He plays bagpipes, both Highland and Scottish smallpipes, and has enjoyed traveling the world and meeting members of the Clan  diaspora across the globe. He and his wife Janet, a teacher and environmentalist, live in Wigtownshire.

Gathering 2022

The 2022 Gathering was held the last week of May.  For a recap of our first in-person get-together since 2019, have a look at our daily posts (featuring video) from the event:

Sorbie Tower

The ancient keep of Sorbie, owned by the Clan Hannay Society, was build in the 16th century.  The ancient seat of the family, it was constructed beside the site of a twelfth-century wooden fort whose foundations can still be seen today. A major restoration campaign is in the works to return the structure to its former glory.

Find out more in our Sorbie Tower section.

Sorbie Stories

Harry on horseback

Check out this new section of the site featuring short tales, submitted by family members, about people, places, and things from Clan history that deserve to be savored or remembered.

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1 day ago

Hi Hanna cousins..Any historians out there? Does anybody know why, how or when the Hanna Clan first traveled to Ireland? I’m open up all theory’s or opinions. I’ve seen documentation & soldier lists that show ‘Hanna’s’ fought on both sides during the siege of Derry in 1689 & in the Battle of the Boyne in Co Meath in 1690. To me this would indicate that they were well settled before the Williamite Wars to end up on both sides.The family names involved in the plantation of Ulster after 1608 are well documented and there are no Hanna’s listed that I could see…Also, the understanding in our family was always that there were two distinct groupings of Hanna’s in Ulster, one hailing from Co Antrim and the other from Co Down…can anyone shed any light on this strain of thought? This might just be a ‘family thing’ as both my paternal grandparents were called Hanna. My grandmothers family were in Belfast since early 1850’s (that’s as far back as I can find in records) & my grandfathers side seems to be centred in Co Down.I thank you in advance..Adrian Hanna ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Of late I have been concerned about the state of Planet. Earth Let me explain.Taken from the words of Camus a 14thh century Philosopher adapted into English. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

My niece, Debbie Hanna Taylor, and myself at the Clan gathering 2022. It was our 1st trip to Scotland and Sorbie Tower. Hopefully, it won't be our last. Debbie's brother, Paul Samuel Hanna, spent many hours after his retirement tracing our family history He was able to trace our family back to [Sir Robert 'Knight of Scotland' Hannay]( (born Sorbie, Galloway in 1450, death 1500, also at Sorbie). And, Sir Robert's father [Odo Hannay](, born at Sorbie 1420, death at Sorbie 1494. Sadly, Paul Samuel (Sammy) passed away before he could make the trip to Scotland. It was such a pleasure to visit our ancestral home and walk the land our ancestors walked. 💙 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

I married into the Hannay clan this past July. My husband and I hiked 8 miles round trip into the North Cascade Mountains in Washington state. He was handsomely decked out in his tartan. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

** UPDATE, I’m going to stop taking more pen pals for now, as dont want to overextend myself Thank you everyone!Admin, please remove if not allowed.Wondering if any clan members would be interested in being pen pals? Open to anywhere, but especially interested in paling with someone from Scotland or Ireland. I’m from the US. ... See MoreSee Less
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